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Sr director
Acdi voca av ventures
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Ovidiu drives AV Ventures' growth in Sub-Saharan Africa by building impactful investment and educational vehicles that support mid-sized ventures in agtech, food systems, renewable energy, blue economy ventures, gender, climate adaptation, access to finance. He has 20+ years’ experience as investor, serial entrepreneur, architect and implementer of global, regional, and national entrepreneurship initiatives in ICT, blue economy, agriculture, and healthcare. Designed and led U.S. Department of State’ GIST Initiative a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in 80 countries across Africa, Middle East, Turkey, and Asia, won recognition from President Obama and Secretaries Kerry, Clinton and founded LEADERS Foundation the first nationwide organization to train 40,000 young leaders and entrepreneurs in Romania. MIT Sloan (MBA), Harvard Kennedy School (MPA). U.S. Department of State Speakers’ Program. He is designer/host of the RootsTofoods.com podcast.