Full Name
Mr. Louis-Pierre Boulle
Job Title
Conservation Advisor
Jean Boulle Group
Speaker Bio
Louis-Pierre Boulle leads engagement on conservation projects as part of the Jean Boulle Group’s non-profit investments. He has continued to support the Boulle Group’s development of critical relationships with global NGOs and helped unite common environmental interests across the generational, cultural and geographical boundaries. A Mauritian and a keen conservationist, he was part of the successful rescue and rehabilitation team of three species of rare reptiles facing extinction following the devastating Wakashio oil spill in July 2020. The rescue was in partnership with BirdLife International, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Through close communication with the zoological and environmental science community he has helped to broaden public understanding and interest in direct conservation activity. He was among the speakers at the 2022 Durrell Lecture Small but Mighty at the British Library in London alongside conservationists Professor Carl Jones MBE and Dr Lesley Dickie.
Louis-Pierre Boulle