Full Name
Mr Christopher LeGrand
Job Title
BroadReach Group
Speaker Bio
Chris LeGrand has more than 30 years of experience across 40+ countries, spanning private sector healthcare and life sciences industries, public health, and international health, leading organizations at the convergence of positive social impact and sustainable business results. He currently serves as CEO of BroadReach Group, a South African-based social enterprise that helps healthcare organizations to deliver better outcomes, improved resource efficiency, cost savings, enhanced organizational performance, and sustainable health systems. He serves on multiple boards, is a frequent speaker and has been awarded multiple business leadership honors. LeGrand also recently authored a book entitled ‘The Complete Business Leader: A Framework for Impact in Work and Life'. He believes in the possibility of science and technology for good, democratization of knowledge as a great equalizer, and global human-to-human connection as the path to peace.
Christopher LeGrand