Full Name
Mr Teslim Giwa
Job Title
Access to Energy Manager
Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)
Speaker Bio
Teslim is a leading renewable energy professional with PIND, heading the $1.75 million Access-to-Energy program powering last-mile communities in the Niger Delta. As a sector leader, he champions commercial decentralized renewable energy projects for the benefit of fisherfolks, farmers, rural businesses, and underserved populations in the Niger Delta. His portfolio is central to productive-use-of-energy within rural communities. Teslim has mobilized over $1.3 million private sector investments for installation of community energy solutions across the region. His frontiers work includes an innovative "Energy Cabin" which has become an efficient access-to-energy technology and economic enabler for many off-grid communities in the Niger Delta.
Teslim Giwa