Unlocking Financial Resources to Deliver Better Health Outcomes in Africa (By-Invitation-Only)
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Significant progress has been made since the pandemic with healthcare being prioritized by policymakers across the continent. However, access to finance across the healthcare value chain has been and continues to be a challenge to healthcare delivery. Investments have been made in increasing manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices, with several significant partnership announcements. At the same time, the regulatory environment is evolving to become more investor-friendly through the operationalization of the African Medicines Agency. Domestic funding sources for healthcare, through central government funding sources remain constrained. Some markets are more dependent on external funding sources than others.  These challenges persist in the face of a range of pressing public health issues as well as coping with higher global inflation and interest payments on accumulated debt and the need to sustain investments in other priority areas, such as infrastructure.   

Healthcare prioritization needs to be accompanied by appropriate resourcing to ensure optimal healthcare delivery. While governments and international partners are keen to encourage greater private sector investment and collaboration, current operating structures are not always optimized to produce the right balance of improved service for patients and commercial return for companies.  Discussions are returning to the idea of re-imagining reimbursement and procurement schemes to make better use of existing financial resources, while expanding patient access to new treatments and medicines, which in turn will help foster the growth of a stronger health sector.  This by-invitation only roundtable will convene a select group of African Ministers of Health, U.S. Government health initiative leaders, multilateral institutions and private sector executives to explore partnership opportunities and discuss innovative financing models and strategies for implementing support measures to get the financing right.  

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